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genus daucus


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  • genus daubentonia
  • genus datura
  • genus dasyurus
  • genus dasypus
  • genus dasyprocta
  • genus dasyatis
  • genus darmera
  • genus darlingtonia
  • genus daphnia
  • genus daphne
  • genus davallia
  • genus daviesia
  • genus decapterus
  • genus decumaria
  • genus deinocheirus
  • genus deinonychus
  • genus delairea
  • genus delichon
  • genus delonix
  • genus delphinapterus
  • depictive
  • optimism
  • genus araucaria
  • anthropometrical
  • micrometeoritic
  • whorled
  • johann mendel
  • scipio
  • family cervidae
  • nammu

  • Idiom of the Day

    bound to (do something)
    to be certain to do something
    "If you ask your father, he is bound to help you with your problem."

    The court gave the company a ________ fine.

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    Designs 12

    This mehendi design for the feet looks very apt for a bride, since there are a lot of details and intricate designs. The whole feet are decorated with detailed motifs to make this mehendi design look really beautiful. It is the front chequered patterns with tiny flowers in the middle that instantly grabs the attention! It also makes this design look very unique.

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