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genus dasypus

1.type genus of the Dasypodidae

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  • genus dasyprocta
  • genus dasyatis
  • genus darmera
  • genus darlingtonia
  • genus daphnia
  • genus daphne
  • genus danaus
  • genus danaea
  • genus damaliscus
  • genus dama
  • genus dasyurus
  • genus datura
  • genus daubentonia
  • genus daucus
  • genus davallia
  • genus daviesia
  • genus decapterus
  • genus decumaria
  • genus deinocheirus
  • genus deinonychus
  • digestible
  • antiferromagnetic
  • affirmative action
  • kendall test
  • life tenant
  • keynesian
  • mesophytic
  • medical examination
  • churchlike
  • uncarved

  • Idiom of the Day

    let out (something) or let (something) out
    to allow something to be known, to tell something
    The company let out the details of the restructuring plan yesterday but we have not had time to talk about them yet.

    The governors sat ________ the report because they didn't want to make it public.

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    Looking almost like a drop of dew, this secret treehouse hangs (somewhat illegally) on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks in Whistler, Canada. If you ever have to be a squatter, this is the way to do it.

    Chourishi Systems