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genus dasyatis

1.type genus of the Dasyatidae

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  • genus danaea
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  • genus dalea
  • genus dalbergia
  • genus dasyprocta
  • genus dasypus
  • genus dasyurus
  • genus datura
  • genus daubentonia
  • genus daucus
  • genus davallia
  • genus daviesia
  • genus decapterus
  • genus decumaria
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  • merrimac
  • paleo-amerind culture
  • hydrogen atom
  • deceitful
  • let go of
  • ice-skating rink
  • inexterminable
  • scalar
  • republic of seychelles

  • Idiom of the Day

    (not) lay a finger/hand on (someone)
    to not touch someone, to not do something to someone
    The man was told by the police to not lay a finger on his wife again.

    I haven't finished ________

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  • Benefits of Endives


    Endive along with celery as well as parsley juice do miracles for those who are anemic since this mixture behaves as a effective blood tonic. The endive, also known as Belgian endive, Witlof as well as Witloof, has been around for thousands of years and also was grown by the Greeks, Romans as well as Egyptians. It is just a green veggie that appears very much like lettuce, aside from the fact that it really is wavy.

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