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1.trivial nonsense

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  • fiddle with
  • fiddle
  • ficus sycomorus
  • ficus rubiginosa
  • ficus religiosa
  • ficus elastica
  • ficus diversifolia
  • ficus deltoidea
  • ficus carica sylvestris
  • ficus carica
  • fiddle-shaped
  • fiddlehead
  • fiddlehead fern
  • fiddleneck
  • fiddler
  • fiddler crab
  • fiddlestick
  • fiddling
  • fidel castro
  • fidel castro ruz
  • improperness
  • brass band
  • red buckeye
  • physiatrics
  • intestine
  • penal code
  • reuben lucius goldberg
  • camas
  • local anesthesia
  • publishing house

  • Idiom of the Day

    catch (someone) off guard
    to catch a person at a time of carelessness
    I was caught off guard when the teacher asked me about my homework.

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  • Benefits of Ugli fruits

    Vitamins and Minerals in Ugli Fruit

    Ugli tangelos, like most other citrus fruit, are probably best known for being loaded with Vitamin C and when eaten, its high fiber content. One ugli fruit can contribute up to 70% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. Falling under the category of calming foods the ugli fruit have much to offer in the way of healthy nutrients. In addition to its high vitamin C content, the ugli contains similar nutrients toother citrus fruits with an important difference interestingly, furanocoumarins which are generally found in grapefruit (and which many doctors believe may interfere with some medications) do not appear in the ugli. Also,the ugli fruitappears to be more palatable for people who have an aversion to oranges.

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