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1.trivial nonsense

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  • fiddle with
  • fiddle
  • ficus sycomorus
  • ficus rubiginosa
  • ficus religiosa
  • ficus elastica
  • ficus diversifolia
  • ficus deltoidea
  • ficus carica sylvestris
  • ficus carica
  • fiddle-shaped
  • fiddlehead
  • fiddlehead fern
  • fiddleneck
  • fiddler
  • fiddler crab
  • fiddlestick
  • fiddling
  • fidel castro
  • fidel castro ruz
  • hard cider
  • malus coronaria
  • leptoglossus
  • order coraciiformes
  • public address system
  • slavelike
  • rateable
  • efflorescence
  • kalapuyan
  • excusable

  • Idiom of the Day

    when it comes right down to it
    when one really thinks about something
    When it comes right down to it, I do not think that I should quit my job.

    Linda: Oh yes. I don't know why I was so ________ I think flying is great!

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