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fat cat

1.a wealthy and privileged person

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  • fat
  • fastness
  • fastnacht
  • fasting
  • fastigiate
  • fastidiousness
  • fastidiously
  • fastidious
  • fastest
  • faster
  • fat cell
  • fat chance
  • fat embolism
  • fat farm
  • fat hen
  • fat metabolism
  • fat person
  • fat tuesday
  • fat-free
  • fat-soluble vitamin
  • intonate
  • diaphragm
  • venae interlobulares hepatis
  • genus liquidambar
  • cube
  • dungaree
  • overgreedy
  • genus upupa
  • impalement
  • customized

  • Idiom of the Day

    button one's lip
    to become quiet, to not speak
    I decided to button my lip rather than give my opinion of our supervisor.


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  • Benefits of Oranges

    Orange fruit and cross section

    Allcitrus treesbelong to the singlegenusCitrusand remain almost entirelyinterfertile. This means that there is only onesuperspeciesthat includesgrapefruits,lemons,limes, oranges, and various other types and hybrids. As the interfertility of oranges and other citrus has produced numerous hybrids, bud unions, andcultivars, theirtaxonomyis fairly controversial, confusing or inconsistent. The fruit of any citrus tree is considered ahesperidium(a kind of modifiedberry) because it has numerousseeds, is fleshy and soft, derives from a singleovaryand is covered by arindoriginated by a rugged thickening of theovary wall.

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