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fall from grace

1.revert back to bad behavior after a period of good behavior

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  • fall flat
  • fall equinox
  • fall down
  • fall dandelion
  • fall cankerworm
  • fall by the wayside
  • fall board
  • fall behind
  • fall back
  • fall guy
  • fall in
  • fall in line
  • fall in love
  • fall into
  • fall into place
  • fall of man
  • fall off
  • fall open
  • fall out
  • ethnic cleansing
  • meatloaf
  • caper family
  • semidetached house
  • edentata
  • artefact
  • mithramycin
  • market order
  • styphelia triflora
  • family lasiocampidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    for all one is worth
    as hard as one can
    "I will try, for all I am worth, to help you get the job at the supermarket."

    She's ________ the telephone at the moment

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  • World Most Beautiful Temples

    Sagrada Familia Spain

    A lot of visitors think that the Sagrada Familia is the same thing as the Cathedral of Barcelona, but it actually officially called the Basilica Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia.This emblematic Barcelona building is famously unfinished, and even though current estimates say it could be done by 2026, there are definite doubts about that! Some residents believe its incompleteness is part of its charm.But not everyone is a fan of the Sagrada Familia George Orwell referred to it as one of the most hideous buildings in the world! Love it or hate it, visiting Gaudi ambitious project will definitely give you something to talk about afterward.Current entry prices start from euro14.80, though if youre on a tight budget looking at the spectacular outside is totally free.

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