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equilateral triangle

1.a three-sided regular polygon

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  • equilateral
  • equidsitribution
  • equidistant
  • equidae
  • equid
  • equiangular triangle
  • equiangular
  • equetus pulcher
  • equetus lanceolatus
  • equetus
  • equilibrate
  • equilibration
  • equilibrise
  • equilibrium
  • equilibrium constant
  • equilibrium law
  • equilibrize
  • equine
  • equine distemper
  • equine encephalitis
  • burgeon
  • refuge
  • kalumpang
  • cross-classification
  • assize
  • croft
  • jagganath
  • heavy hydrogen
  • tufted
  • pelecanus onocrotalus

  • Idiom of the Day

    fall behind
    to fail to keep up with work/studies/payments etc.
    I fell behind with my homework at the beginning of the term and had problems throughout the year.

    I usually take a ________ to work so I can clean my teeth thoroughly after I have eaten my lunch.

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