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1.a unit of pain intensity
2.the federal department responsible for promoting the working conditions of wage earners in the United States

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  • dojigger
  • dojc
  • doj
  • doings
  • doily
  • doi
  • dohickey
  • doha
  • doh
  • dogy
  • dolabrate
  • dolabriform
  • dolby
  • dolce
  • dolce far niente
  • doldrums
  • dole
  • dole out
  • doled out
  • doleful
  • atrophy
  • walking
  • investigating
  • protomammal
  • chrysotile
  • mandrel
  • genus taxus
  • purify
  • jactitation
  • thiodiphenylamine

  • Idiom of the Day

    gross out (someone) or gross (someone) out
    to make someone sick or disgusted
    The movie was very violent and grossed out my sister.

    I havenít paid. I havenít ________

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    Benefits of Custard Apple

    Hilary White

    Hilary White has a relatively smooth skin and is average in size. It tastes same like the other varieties of custard apple. Custard apple is a storehouse of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps in neutralizing free radicals. Custard apple contains magnesium, which plays vital role in relaxing muscles and protecting heart against diseases.

    Very and Too - Too

    Don't Say:
    It's now very hot to play football.

    It's now too hot to play football.

    Very simply makes the adjective or adverb stronger. Too means more than enough, or so much that something else happens as a result.
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