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depth gage

1.a gauge for measuring the depth of grooves or holes or other concavities

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  • depth finder
  • depth charge
  • depth bomb
  • depth
  • deprived of
  • deprived
  • deprive
  • deprivation
  • depressurize
  • depressurise
  • depth gauge
  • depth psychology
  • deputation
  • depute
  • deputise
  • deputize
  • deputy
  • deputy sheriff
  • der fuhrer
  • deracinate
  • flagellate
  • sinkhole
  • korean war
  • zephaniah
  • rhododendron californicum
  • clinical
  • congealment
  • family sialidae
  • william hyde wollaston
  • chorionic villus biopsy

  • Idiom of the Day

    stand off from (someone or something)
    to stay at a distance from someone or something, to stay apart from someone or something
    The girl always stands off from the other students in her class.

    Tell her I'm sorry she's ill and to get well ________

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  • Tips to succeed in Presentation

    Keep backgrounds in the background

    Fancy slide backgrounds only make it more difficult for the audience to focus on whats important. Use a simple, single color, neutral color background.

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