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cultivated celery

1.widely cultivated herb with aromatic leaf stalks that are eaten raw or cooked

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  • cultivated
  • cultivate
  • cultivatable
  • cultivar
  • cultivable
  • cultist
  • cultism
  • cult of personality
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  • cultivated parsnip
  • cultivated plant
  • cultivated rice
  • cultivated strawberry
  • cultivation
  • cultivator
  • cultural
  • cultural anthropology
  • cannibal
  • unladylike
  • chemical defence
  • shawl
  • well-worn
  • cystoplegia
  • vena perforantis
  • sweden
  • piece goods
  • gilder

  • Idiom of the Day

    have an ax to grind (with someone)
    to have something to complain about
    My coworker has an ax to grind with our boss and he is always complaining.

    He always makes so much noise when he ________.

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  • Movie Plot Holes and Paradoxes

    The Avengers Why dont they bother keeping an eye on Bruce Banner

    So, SHIELD takes the trouble of taking their top agent, Natalia, off a vitally important mission (right in the middle of a dangerous situation too, and violating what appears to be Russian sovereignty with the threat of blowing up the building with missiles) and sending her to India with a full squad of heavily armed soldiers in order to ask Bruce Banner to come in. They ve also spent millions researching and actually building a cage for his alter ego. They know exactly what Hulk can do. Yet once they ve got him onboard, the top secret, state of the art HeliCarrier, they let Bruce casually wander around with no restraints, and no one watching him free to be shocked by Tony Stark into potentially Hulking out. Guess they thought Banner was a really cool guy once they met him in person.

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