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1.in a correct manner

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  • corrective
  • correctitude
  • corrections
  • correctional rehabilitation
  • correctional institution
  • correctional
  • correction
  • corrected
  • correctable
  • correct
  • correctness
  • correggio
  • corregidor
  • correlate
  • correlated
  • correlation
  • correlation coefficient
  • correlation matrix
  • correlation table
  • correlational
  • conyza
  • yorkshire terrier
  • flowering crab
  • abscissa
  • maryland
  • play a trick on
  • richard evelyn byrd
  • reinsurance
  • bowl over
  • breeches

  • Idiom of the Day

    rob Peter to pay Paul
    to take something from one person or thing to pay another
    When the government began to take money from the education system to pay for the medical system it was like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    I am eager for her to receive an education that will ________ her for a career in business.

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