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1.in a correct manner

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  • corrective
  • correctitude
  • corrections
  • correctional rehabilitation
  • correctional institution
  • correctional
  • correction
  • corrected
  • correctable
  • correct
  • correctness
  • correggio
  • corregidor
  • correlate
  • correlated
  • correlation
  • correlation coefficient
  • correlation matrix
  • correlation table
  • correlational
  • horary
  • fritillaria liliaceae
  • opossum rat
  • bermuda grass
  • genome
  • only too
  • muesli
  • genus chilomeniscus
  • wattle and daub
  • untasted

  • Idiom of the Day

    meet the requirements (for something)
    to fulfill the requirements for something
    The new nurse does not meet the requirements to be a nurse in our hospital.

    She usually ________ white dresses.

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