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chromium steel

1.steel containing chromium that makes it resistant to corrosion

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  • chromium
  • chromite
  • chromic acid
  • chromesthesia
  • chrome-tungsten steel
  • chrome-nickel steel
  • chrome yellow
  • chrome red
  • chrome green
  • chrome alum
  • chromium-plate
  • chromoblastomycosis
  • chromogen
  • chromolithography
  • chromophore
  • chromoplast
  • chromosomal
  • chromosomal aberration
  • chromosomal anomaly
  • chromosomal mutation
  • deedbox
  • eero saarinen
  • doronicum
  • family polemoniaceae
  • suborder gorgoniacea
  • nonsubmersible
  • pit-a-pat
  • sequentially
  • saturated
  • brick in

  • Idiom of the Day

    pride oneself on/in (something)
    to take special pride in something
    My father prides himself on the fact that he is never absent from work.

    I saw her ___ Xmas.

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