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1.French composer best known for his operas (1838-1875)

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  • bize
  • bizarreness
  • bizarre
  • biz
  • biyearly
  • biweekly
  • bivouacking
  • bivouac
  • bivariate
  • bivalvia
  • bizonal
  • bja
  • bjs
  • bk
  • blab
  • blab out
  • blabber
  • blabbermouth
  • blabbermouthed
  • blabby
  • cuquenan falls
  • gene mutation
  • genus ensete
  • cycadaceae
  • maurois
  • sporting life
  • anatolia
  • sootiness
  • geld
  • hepatic artery

  • Idiom of the Day

    keep (someone) company
    to sit and stay with someone (especially someone who is lonely or sick)
    I stayed home last night so that I could keep my mother company.

    The police arrested them at the customs check at the ________

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    Very and Too - Too

    Don't Say:
    It's now very hot to play football.

    It's now too hot to play football.

    Very simply makes the adjective or adverb stronger. Too means more than enough, or so much that something else happens as a result.
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