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ageratina altissima

1.American herb having flat-topped clusters of small white flower heads

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  • agentive role
  • agential
  • agent-in-place
  • agent provocateur
  • agent orange
  • agent bank
  • agent
  • agenize
  • ageratum
  • ageratum houstonianum
  • aggeus
  • agglomerate
  • agglomerated
  • agglomeration
  • agglomerative
  • agglomerator
  • agglutinate
  • agglutinating activity
  • paint a picture
  • ophidiidae
  • oppress
  • photometrically
  • eligibility
  • summer hyacinth
  • restaurant
  • brought about
  • wedding licence
  • herb paris

  • Idiom of the Day

    with all one's heart and soul
    very sincerely, totally
    The woman believed with all her heart and soul that she would recover from her illness.

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