1.rushing and whirling hurling n.
1.a traditional Irish game resembling hockey

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  • could do with (someone or something)
    to want or need someone or something
    I could do with a new computer because mine is getting old.
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    When I shall see him (a) / I shall tell him (b) / that you had called. (c) No error (d)

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    English Grammar
  • We can put both (of) before nouns and pronouns.
    Before a noun with a determiner (for example: the, my, these), both and both of are both possible.
      Both (of) my parents like riding. She s eaten both (of) the chops.
    We can also use both without a determiner.
      She's eaten both chops. (= ... both of the chops.)
    Only both of is possible before a personal pronoun (us, you, them).
      Both of them can come tomorrow.
      Mary sends her love to both of us.
  • We can put both after object pronouns.
      I ve invited them both. Mary sends us both her love.
      I've made you both something to eat.
  • Note: we do not put the before both.
      both children(NOT the both children).
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