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1.having a squat and fleshy build

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  • wild tobacco
  • umbrellalike
  • time of life
  • us congress
  • return address
  • skin eruption
  • variably
  • sir william herschel
  • worthlessness
  • unrepresentative
  • albuquerque
  • firebase
  • assembly language
  • chamaeleo chamaeleon
  • foraminifera
  • anachronic
  • bade
  • federal government
  • ascesis
  • calcutta
  • feudatory
  • plantaginaceae
  • quarter tone
  • oceanites
  • flesh
  • tuberous vetch
  • gynophobia
  • genus macrozoarces
  • bilocular capsule
  • amobarbital sodium

  • Idiom of the Day

    outside the box
    not bound by old and limiting structures or rules or practices
    Everybody in the design company was encouraged to think outside the box in order to be creative.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    The boy could not (solve) the mathematics problem.

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  • Tips to succeed in Work

    Beware of Blunders

    The most common pitfalls in resume writing: not being specific about accomplishments, being too wordy, including a generic objective statement, and keeping college accomplishments on your resume for too long. And watch the small stuff, like typos in your correspondence with the hiring manager. Tiny mistakes can mean the difference between an interview and a rejection.

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